Sai Satcharitra Chapter 8

sai seva

The Sai Satcharitra: Simplified!

Chapter 8

The Human Birth


To take birth as a human being is believed to be a result of good deeds in the past. We never know about the past, but what we know is that if we all are monitored continually by one detection system, popularly known as “Karma”. It is the most hated monitoring system for some, as it always provides a feedback into your life of the same altitude as of the input fed into it by our actions.

In simpler terms, it means, “What goes around comes back around”.


According to mythology, it is said that God created humans so as to ascertain that there must be some creature who shall be able to appreciate the beautiful universe created by him. All other creatures does not have full power (in this context at least). Some say, ministers of god also feel jealous of humans, as they hold the special power to attain salvation by meditating upon god’s name. Salvation according to mythology or spiritual world, shall mean attaining God Vision, acquiring some vows of god or freeing one’s self from the cycle of life and death.

But for us, the common man, we life our lives, and on daily basis we do certain deeds (good or bad). These deeds are recorded into different registers. At certain intervals, these are calculated, results are as follows,


Good Deeds = Bad Deeds : Happy Person remains Happy

Good Deeds > Bad Deeds : Happy Person becomes  Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

Good Deeds < Bad Deeds : Happy Person becomes Sad Person


These simple equations prove that we ourselves are responsible for our own happiness. For any unwanted situation in life, it is unfair to blame some one else or god, because weather a situation good or bad, it is a result of our past actions.

It is testified in “The Secret -by Rhonda Byrne” too, that what we are today, is the result of our past actions and thoughts. So if we make a shift in our actions and thoughts now, we shall be in control over our future. About the past, it is better to complete the term of punishment (to whatever extent) Karma rewards us with, praying to god and in real time becoming a better person shall be of little help here, as it will ease off the path for us.


For a common man like me, it is simpler to believe that there shall be no separate domains of Haven or Hell, but, they are here in our sphere, and they are experienced in form of Good times and Bad times, depending upon the kind of deeds we did in the past cycle.


Karma, spares none…It is as truthful & real time as the law of attraction or as the Principles explained in the “The Secret – by Rhonda Byrne”.


Also Hemadpant explains like a man cares for his horse during a journey, human body must be taken care of, not to be subjected to things that destroy it, such as too much of alcohol, tobacco or any other forms of substances. Neither one must feel too proud (read ego) for his or her beauty, but shall be thankful to lord for the same. One should make the most of this horse (read human body) and keep it fit and fine by working out at regular intervals, giving proper rest and refraining from unhealthy foods and drinks, and shall constantly strive for good deeds in order to get a better credit score in the house of Karma. Thanking and remembering God always will make your path much more easy, guided & meaningful.

Some day this human body will decay into its origin, viz. the 5 elements, so make the most out of now…That’s what Self realization & attaining God Vision for a common man who lives a socio-economic life in this world!

For the rest,i.e, Saints and Yogis Self Realization and attaining God Vision are subject matters beyond the scope of my understanding, thus, this book.


Worried about your account of Karma???

Well, if you choose to follow the right path (or improve an existing life flow), then half the job is done. As the hardest part of doing something is to prepare your mind to do it. Without mind entering into a particular subject matter, one cannot at all accomplish a task.


There are two kinds of people in the world,

One who learns from his own mistakes and another one who learns from others mistakes and turns out to be a smart winner because he saved on huge amount of time by not making the same mistakes and later realizing and then correcting them. Instead, he learned what not to do and spent his time in useful and mindful thinking to find ways of doing the right things in as many ways possible.

This example of not making the repeated mistakes which already someone has gone through, explains very smartly, the need of a Guru in our lives.

The Guru or a teacher acts as a flow chart to success. They provide us with the paths and also provide us with situations where we have to self assess ourselves and then move towards our goal. This enables us to follow a time tested path to attain the ultimate goal of life. The Guru will take us past the difficult paths, enable us to avoid all the thorns & pits in our way. Sai is one such SadGuru, the one who himself is a Siddha (able soul, undisturbed by worldly pleasures and materialistic objects). He can fulfill our requirement of a smart guide through this dense jungle of life, be it personal, professional or any goal. Sai is sough to be there for us, in return all he wants is our unwavering love and faith.


Sai Baba’s Begging of Food


Like any other Sadhu, Sai too begged for food. This can be easily justified by ancient scriptures (read Vedas) that a Sadhu is a person who has left all worldly objects behind and thus it is the responsibility of the person possessing a family to feed the Sadhu too. On the other hand, Sai did this practice also to keep the spark alive in people of helping and feeding the poor, which is considered as the mightiest form of worship in these modern times. By this act of his, he taught and constantly reminded people of Shirdi their duties towards the society. And Sai himself gets pleased from those who feed the poor whole heartedly.


Baba’s equipment consisted of a tin pot (for receiving liquid food items)  and a rectangular piece of cloth (for receiving solid substances such as bread or chapati). He daily visited certain houses and followed a irregular pattern of begging. Some times he used to take rounds till noon and on other times wrapped up early. All the collected food items were mixed together in a big pot. No point of eating distinguished items as Baba had full control over his senses, thus he had no sense of taste remaining (he was detached from sense objects, thus calm). All items mixed, he used to eat satisfactorily. Interesting thing to know here is that, from Baba’s pot dogs, cats, crow and other animals were freely allowed to eat and Baba never drove them away. Such a beautiful this could be, unlike us he felt equality for all living beings and considered them no different than himself.

This act of Sai was initially considered naïve and some called him a mad fakir. But there were few blessed souls too, who identified him as the real gem, a blessing for the tiny town of Shirdi.


There was a lady named BayejaBai, she was one of such believers who understood that Sai was not a mad fakir as many thought of him at once but was (and is) one with the god himself. She did great penance of going to the woods (jungles), miles after miles in search of Sai (as he used to go there for meditation). She used to hunt down Sai out of no where and later fed him forcibly the food she used to bring for him. This went on for many years until Sai stopped going to the woods and used to have his lunch in the Masjid himself. Her great service was not forgotten by Sai Baba until the time when he left out human form. He gave her the “Nav Vidya” (nine forms of wisdom) in form of 9 coins, minutes before leaving the human form. Also he benefitted her son in all spheres of life. Mother and son duo were very much devoted to Sai Baba.


The Energy Flow Factor


Energy is everything and is the core characteristic of all the particle matter in this world, no matter how big or small the particle is. This was practically observed by Sai Baba, the channelization of energy is very important and that is what used to happen in Masjid in those times. Two lucky fellows Tatya Kote Patil and Bhagat Mhalsapati along with Sai Baba, used to sleep in Masjid in such a way that their head used to be positioned in East, West and North directions respectively and their feet touching each other at the centre.

If one imagine, then it seems to be a Tri-Star channelizing the flow of energy and most probably  I suppose, powers from all three directions, as mentioned, collected at the centre. I really wonder what a beautiful experience that would have been and the benefits of such a geometry that my poor mind cannot think of…

Also resting in this position, they used to chit chat about various topics until midnight or even later. If any one tried to sleep, then other would wake them up. For full 14 years this way Tatya used to sleep with Baba out of his love for him, but later he had to take responsibility of the household matters and thus started to sleep at home.


Bow to Shri Sai – Peace be to all!!!


Sai Satcharitra Chapter 7

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The Sai Satcharitra: Simplified!

Chapter 7

Sai Baba’s Wonderful Incarnation

Saints have been on Earth since long time, sent by God for the benefit of the mankind. But Sai Baba was no ordinary Saint, he was (and is) God Incarnate. I am not saying this simply out of my faith in Baba or ego against others, but, he had in him this special characteristic which makes you feel this way.

What I feel of Baba, more of a friend who would guide us in good and not so good times and would make his presence felt when you need him the most.

Actually, its about what you feel is what you get (one of Baba’s sayings). I am not saying you compel you to feel the same for him at this point, if you don’t..He is in all beings, all forms of worship, so choose the form you like. It can be Ram, Rahim, Jesus, Buddha or may be the Sun God…But it is here, the power is here in the air…The prayers are answered, the wishes come true, the care is being taken, here and now….Because, we have the lord in ourselves, in the air and all around us…No one ever came back from haven and testified that lord lives there, but yes, it is the matter of experience and faith that its all here…


Lets find out what makes Sai Baba special and wonderful…

Baba knew all ‘Yogic’ practices, was well versed in all six types of Yoga.

Strange but true, if you think he was a hindu, he dressed like muslim. No one ever knew about his religion…for him all religions were one and the derivative cousins from the one supreme power that drives this fabulous creation called ‘Universe’.

Sai Baba was a funny man, no offenses, reason I state this is because he was unpredictable and omnipresent. One moment he is calm and loving like a mother, seconds later one could shiver upon his anger and violent state. Some times he used witty statement and crack jokes on devotees but always pointed to make them a better person by letting them realize importance of letting go ego and worldly treasures, on the other hand he used to give direct suggestions and guidance regarding conduct in life and situations. The moment you think something, he used to understand ( I strongly believe even now also he does when not in human form) and provide you with appropriate answer to clear your doubt. It was like Sai’s Telepathy. And certainly is, even now.


It wasn’t ascertained weather he was hindu or muslim. He used to celebrate festivals like Rama Navmi & Gopal Kala (Krishna’s fest) on the other and he celebrated Id and Sandal procession with equal interest and encouraged both communities to take part in other’s festival as their own. Moharum festival with Tajia procession was of equal importance.

If you call him muslim, he got his ears pierced. If you call him a Hindu, he supported circumcision in muslim tradition.

He lived in a Masjid on the other hand had Dhuni (sacred fire) ever ignited, also grinding of wheat, ringing of bells, water washing of feet. Many things he did were contrary to either religions.


Thus, Sai baba practiced the religion of ‘Humanity’, which is above all religions and feeding the poor was most pleasing to him (not only humans but animals also). He used to say, “consider feeding the hungry as equivalent to feeding me (Sai), no matter even if it’s a dog or an insect.”


Such were his beautiful thoughts and teachings!

He always enacted like just another human being but by his deeds his God hood always reflected. His greatness and uniqueness is like no other. Many saints themselves came to Sai for salvation. He used to laugh, talk and eat with them. He always used to say “Allah Maalik” (God is the sole owner). At times Sai used to get enraged but that was also a blessing in disguise for loving Bhaktas.

Baba also gave job of getting all temples in Shirdi repaired. He used to get numerous amount of cash as dakshina, which he happily distributed among the devotees, some used to get Rs 20, Rs 50 or Rs 15. It was random charity and people felt blessed by getting that treasure (read Money).


Baba  – A Hakim


Baba was also very popular as a Hakim (Doctor) and he willingly treated people with ease and charged only devotion in return. He always longed for love of devotees. He was successful every each and every time. Interesting point to be noted here is that, he never used usual medications, his methods were unique and extra ordinary. In many cases things that could have proved fatal for the patient, upon touch of Baba, became the cure. One such incident has been mentioned below (otherwise there are countless others):

Once a devotee had some severe eye infection and his eye balls became red and swollen. He was taken to Baba. Instead of using any ointment or medicine, Baba crushed some nuts and made two balls out of them. Put them over eyes of the patient and cloth was wrapped over until next morning when the bandage was removed and water was flown in a stream over the eyes. The eyes were found white and clear. Contrarily, on an ordinary event these nut balls could have proved to be too harsh on the sensitive eyes, but they acted as the remedy due to power of Baba.

Sai Baba’s fame spread like fire in the jungle and more and more people came to Shirdi to get his treatment, and went back with happiness and satisfaction as Prasad.


Baba was also a true Yogi (Master of Yoga). He knew and practices all 6 kinds of Yog. He practiced Yoga since childhood and had gained proficiency of highest grade known to man.


Baba’s Merciful Sacrifices for the love of Devotees


Once in the year 1910, around Diwali holidays, Baba was sitting near Dhuni (sacred fire) and was warming himself. Also he was putting logs of wood to fuel it up. All of a sudden it was noticed thatBaba rushed his hand into the fire and it got burned. Shama and Madhva were present that moment and pushed Baba back. Shama asked hastily, “why did you do that Deva?”

Baba upon coming to senses, explained, “At a distant place, blacksmith’s wife was working on the furnace. Her husband called her, to attend to her husband she rushed to other room, but forgot that child was on her waist who fell in the furnace. I put ,my hand in order to save that child. I am glad that child is saved, I don’t mind about my hand being burnt.”

Such a merciful Saint was Sai Baba.


Many of you might not believe this story and would say that its exaggeration. But I would like to take your attention towards the modern subject of Telepathy. One can do any thing by putting mind to use and can reach any place using the power of thoughts. If this is possible for a human being then what is told above is definitely possible for a saint who achieved most of the Sadhna. Sai Baba was omnipresent and this can be understood from this and many more stories to come…


Related instances…


Upon learning about this instance from Shama, Nanasaheb Chandorkar accompanied along with him a famous Doctor Parmanand for Baba’s treatment and speedy recovery from the burn. But Baba assigned (or accepted) this service to Bhagoji Shinde (a  devotee suffering from leprosy who was believed to be a sinner in his past birth, his body was full of pus and smelled bad, but Baba loved him the most). Even upon many requests by Nanasaheb and Doctor, medication or treatment was not permitted. But ofcourse, Doctor had a good fortune off meeting Baba.

Bhagoji Shinde’s treatment included massaging of the burn by Ghee and then applying a leaf over it, on the top came Bandage. This was done by him daily and soon the burn healed up. Every morning this process went upon until Baba’s samadhi (death). Baba actually did not needed this service but out of his devotee’s love he allowed this to go on. Spiritually speaking, Baba allowed him to provide this service so that he may get rid of all his sins and attain salvation soon. He seemed to be unfortunate man outwardly but was the most beloved servant of dear Baba.


Once Mrs Khaparde was staying in Shirdi with her son. Her son got ill and later this illness got converted into severe plague. She got frightened and felt uneasy. She decided to go back home and approached Baba to take permission. Instead of permitting, Baba assured her to stay calm and said, “The sky is beset with clouds, but they will melt and pass off and everything will be smooth and clear”. Saying this, Baba pulled up his robe and showed to everyone present, four egg sized buboes developed on his waist. We can’t assume how much painful it could be, Baba added, “See how much pain I have to suffer for My devotees, their difficulties are mine”.

Upon seeing this, all were convinced that Saints have to tolerate soo much in order to see their devotees happy, and in return they expect no more than their love.


NanaSaheb’s Pandharpur Stay & Surprise visit to Shirdi


Nanasaheb Chandorkar, a great devotee of Sai Baba got a transfer order to his favorite place ‘Pandharpur’ as it was considered Haven on Earth (in those times, especially because it was Home to Lord Vithoba). But his Pandharpur was Shirdi and Sai was his dear lord, so he decided to make a surprise visit to Shirdi before proceeding for Pandharpur. Baba being omni-present knew already about his visit, thus before he could reach the place he asked his fellow people sitting in masjid to sing some Bhajans (Lords Poems). The meaning of the poem was somewhat like,”I have to go to Pandharpur and I have to stay on there, for it is the house of my lord”.


“Shirdi maze Pandharpur Sai Baba-r ma-var, Baba-r ma-var Sai Baba-r ma-var, Shudha Bhakti bhaga, bhaw pundalika zaga, pundalika zaga, bhaw pundalika zaga, Ghanu manhe Baba Sai, bhaw pae maze aayi..paaye maze ayi, bhaw paw maze aai………….”


[Above stanza is an extract from Sai Baba’s Aarti…Its mentioned here, because I love the tune of this Bhajan..Meaning shall be burdened upon the interested readers, to find, and to relate with the text. Got any answers yet??? Please share with us…..]


When Nanasaheb reached Masjid, he worshipped Sai and requested him to accompany to Shirdi and stay there. People sitting nearby told him that request is not necessary as Baba is already in mood for the same. He was moved and amused. Later he went onward journey by taking Baba’s blessings and Udi.



Bow to Shri Sai – Peace Be To All!!!


Sai Satcharitra Chapter 6

sai baba

The Sai Satcharitra: Simplified!

Chapter 6

Hemadpant has beautifully described many ways to imagine and visualize Sai Baba, blessing his children in various forms. These sweet visualizations will literally conquer your mind and will bring the scene live into your imagination. These can be found in start of many Chapters, one is described below.




When Sad Guru is the helmsman of our worldly boat, he is sure to carry us safely to the destination avoiding terrible weather and rough seas. When word Sad Guru is called, only Sai Baba comes to our mind. He appears to me as if standing near the Dwarka Mai and applying Udi (Sacred Ashes) on my fore head, then placing his hand on my forehead in order to give blessings. Thinking about this brings joy to me and tears of happiness come rolling down my cheeks. Wonderful is the power of touch of Guru’s hands. Sins of many past births are washed away. Even an atheist’s heart becomes full of devotion. Upon seeing Sai’s handsome form our eyes fill with tears, throat is choked with joy, overwhelms heart with joy. “I am He”, consciousness is awakened in our minds, that we are one with god and god resides in us. This makes us one with the Supreme.

The author explains that, when he starts to read any holy book the beautiful form of Sai takes the form of the form of God in that context. When he reads Ramayana, Sai becomes Rama, when he reads Quran, Sai takes form of Prophet Mohammad explaining verses of Quran. When he reads Gita, Sai turns out to be Shri Krishna himself. When I set to write something and am short of words and phrases, Sai at once himself inspires to write the appropriate content. Sai helps a devotee to supress his ego and become one with him, by giving him his own power.

I one prostrates before Sai with love, surrenders his heart and soul, then all the chief object of life, viz. Dharma (Righteousness), Artha (Wealth), Kama (Desire) and Moksha (Liberation), are easily attained.

Out of four defined paths to reach God, viz. Karma, Gyana, Yoga, Bhakti, Bhakti is the most difficult path full of thorns and pits. But if hands of Sadguru are held firmly, then safe maneuver  is easily possible to attain goal.

Now quoting Sai Baba’s words for the love of Bhaktas,

“There will never be any scarcity of food and clothes, in any devotees home. It is my special characteristic, that I always look upon, and provide, for the welfare of those devotees, who worship me whole heartedly with their minds ever fixed upon me. Lord Krishna has also said same thing in Gita. Therefore, strive not much for food and clothes. If you want anything, beg of the lord, leave worldly honours, try to get lord’s grace and blessings, and be honored in his court. Do not be deluded by worldly honour. Form of the deity should be firmly fixed in the mind. Let all the senses and mind be ever devoted  to the worship of the lord, let there be no attraction for any other thing. Fix the mind in remembering Me always, so that it will not wander elsewhere, towards body, wealth and home. Then it will be calm, peaceful and carefree. This is the sign of the mind, being well engaged in good company. If the mind wanders, it cannot be called well merged.”


Origin Of the festival of Rama Navmi


Once there was a man named Gopal Rao Gund. He was very anxious in life as he had no child. For that matter he had three wives but still of no luck (funny). He was a great devotee of Sai. By Sai’s blessings he got a son. Impressed, he wanted to celebrate in the name of Sai, thus, proposed an idea of having a fair (Urus as they said. Urus is name given to fair by Muslim Community) in Shirdi to other Sai devotees. Also, one man Amir Shhakar Dalal (a Muslim devotee) proposed idea of sandal (chandan)  procession to be added in the honor of Muslim saints. In this event, sandal paste is decorated in thali (flat dish) and incense sticks are lighted up while going around the village. This idea was approved by all and later they got a green signal from Sai too. An attempt was made to get approval from the authorities, which after little difficulties got permitted. Later the day of the fest was decided by Sai Baba, it was fixed on Rama Navmi Day (Hindu festival). It seems as if Sai wanted unification of the two communities, viz. hindus and muslims on this day. For this reason, Sai chose to merge Muslim’s Urus (fest or fair) with Hindu’s Rama Navmi.

As future events came into sight, this estimate came out to be true. It is beautiful to believe that till date  Hindus and Muslims are celebrating this day peacefully. Such is my Baba’s blessings.


Another interesting thing, I would like to highlight here, Sai never revealed his religion to any one, but he was believer of Sabka Maalik Ek (Meaning:  The lord is one for all beings, no matter what religion one chooses to follow, he or she will be praying to that one supreme power). He loved Unification.


Sometimes he did things being done by hindus, such as keeping the holy fire burning whereas on the other hand he lived in a Masjid (Mosque).  Sandal procession is a Muslim custom whereas flag hoisting is hindu act, both were merged by Sai on one single day, such were his wonderful thoughts.

And many such instances can be related while going through this endless journey of Sai’s love.


Shirdi being a small village, had scarcity of water for such a huge event. Thus, special arrangements were made by Tatya Patil to get sufficient water. There were two wells in Shirdi, one was all dried up and other’s water was salty, which was brought to Sai’s notice and he made it sweet by putting flowers in it. Seems unbelievable??? Read on to get startled by many such experiences through out the book. Point to be noted here is that practically all things are possible in this world, its just one must attain the path to that. Many technological advancements were a miracle until we got certain scientific explanations to it. Thus, not necessarily what science cannot explain is false or impossible. The knowledge of science also comes from this universe. Every thing is here and now, near to us, we just need to find it, catch it, embrace it….We must visualize (imagine how you would feel upon achieving that thing) to achieve it  and soon it will manifest itself in our lives. But one needs firm determination and guidance.  For guidance, we must follow Sai Baba’s teachings merged with the power of Gratitude (being thankful for everything in life) along with handful of common sense.

Many people were blessed by Sai Baba and they all wanted to contribute in various ways, two of them contributed beautifully designed flags which were used in the procession and erected on two corners of the Dwarkamai. These all activities are done till now by the loving devotees and the “Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan”.




The event was much talked about and dear to the devotees. Large number of people turned up for the event and the management was well watched. Outer management was taken care by Tatya Kote Patil and in-house management was looked after by loving devotee named Radha Krishna Mai. All the lodging and preparation of food on the large scale was managed by her and the rich & wealthy people contributed generously for that matter. Feeding the poor was very dear to Sai Baba and thus it was essential part of the fair.

Radha Krishna Mai  was very devout and did a special task of cleaning the Dwarkamai on the night when Sai went to sleep to Chavdi every alternate day. She used to take out all the things from the masjid, even the Sai’s ever burning Dhuni which caused blackening of the ceiling and the walls. All this was cleaned and white washed by her. Later she used to keep back every thing intact.


Transformation or Merger of Urus into Rama Navmi Festival


This festival was very dear to the people of Shirdi. On one occasion, before the fair, one devotee had this idea in his mind that there must be some special reason for celebration of Urus on the Rama Navmi day. He thought, why not celebrate birth of Shri Rama as it is very dear to the Hindus. He shared the idea with other devotees and went to acquire Baba’s permit upon this idea. Baba who is omnipresent, knew their intent, thus he asked what was the matter they were discussing. They told about their idea and Baba gladly granted permission.

A ‘Haridas’ was appointed for singing Lord’s glory on this day.’Prasad’ (Holy sweetmeat) was prepared by Radha Krishna Mai, it was ‘Sunthavada’ (Ginger powder mixed with sugar). Next day Masjid was decorated beautifully and a cradle (supplied by Radha Krishna Mai) was placed near Baba’ s seat. Kirtan (singing lord’s glory) was going on with music being played by Kaka Mahajani on Harmonium.

All this went on with great enthusiasm, and when it was about to conclude, sounds of “Victory of Rama” went up and ‘Gulal’ (Red powder used in festival of colours) was thrown up all around. With loud sounds of band and music, and suddenly, a loud Roar was heard. The ‘gulal’ somehow entered Baba’s eyes, he got enraged and began to scold & abuse loudly. His eyes red. Most people got frightened by this scene, but the ones who knew Baba well understood that Baba’s scolding are blessings in disguise.

It was celebration of birth of Rama, thus, its inevitable for Baba to get enraged to kill the Ravana and his demons in the form of Ego, selfishness and bad thoughts.

It was well known to intimate devotees of baba that when ever something new or auspicious used to happen in Shirdi, then he used to get enraged as if he took any evil eye on himself to dismiss it for the benefit of his beloved devotees.

On this site, Radha Krishna Mai was rather afraid to loose her cradle as she thought that Baba might break it. When Kaka Mahajani on her request went to remove the cradle, baba stopped him and became normal after some time. Later Aarti and other formalities concluded the day. But, Baba said that the festival was not yet over and next day a special event that Shri Krishna used to do was observed.

An earthen pot filled with dry rice mixed with curd and hung high above the ground. It is meant to be broken after the Kirtan and team of players gather and rise up making a human ladder. The guy at the top breaks it and then contents are distributed amongst all.

Thus sandal procession and flag hoisting both went hand in hand all throughout and this festival of Baba turned into ‘Rama Navmi’ festival.

Each passing year festival was attracting huge crowd to Shirdi and number of items that were included also grew. Radha Krishna Mai started ‘NamaSaptah’ (as explained in previous chapters, it is singing of lords’ glory for continuois seven days, even by the night).

Shops increased, wrestling bouts arranged, feeding of the poor started to happen on a grand scale. Radha Krishna Mai is of significant importance here, as her sincere efforts made Shirdi a Sansthan. I hope that was the beginning phase of the ‘Shri Sai Baba Sansthan’ that we have now in Shirdi.

A lot of things increased such as horses,elephants and other items to be noted, but one thing never changed and remained calm and stable all through out, Sai Baba…He always remained away from worldly objects and was ever calm from the inside even when so much show was going on around him.

He was always at peace from inner self and was dedicated to do his duty diligently in the human form for the benefit of the world.

Until now, Hindus and Muslims work together to make this event a success, and never ever an event of quarrel occurred among the two communities that are considered to be distinct by some, thing to be noted here is that Baba always looked upon unison of people and not division on the basis of religion, caste or social status. He used to treat Kings and Beggars in similar way, for him all men and women were equal and gift of lord.


Restoration of Masjid (Dwarka Mai)


As it was described earlier that when Baba came to Shirdi, he started to live in a dilapidated Mosque (Masjid) or Dwarka Mai (as Baba used to call).

Devotees visited this home of Sai Baba day and night and knew the difficulty of having a dilapidated Masjid and small verandah without any roofing.

They sought Sai’s permit to repair the Masjid and create a better space outside it for the huge number of devotees coming every now and then.

Initially Baba was not interested in any kind of repair but later on Mhalsapati (very dear to Sai) intervened and attained Sai permission for the same.

The pavement was completed, since then Baba ditched the sack cloth he used to sit always, instead he got himself a small cushion for that matter.

In 1911, Sabha Mandap (seating area) was constructed with lot of effort and also verandah’s roofing was being done at the same time. Kakasaheb Dixit got iron posts for the same. It incurred huge personal cost to him.

These posts were installed at night and next day Baba used to uproot them. Once he got enraged and held one of the iron post in order to uproot it, but with other hand held Tatya Patil’s neck. He took away his Pheta (cloth worn on head) and threw it in fire. Also threw a rupee coin as if he was offering something on auspicious occasion. No one knew what was going on and didn’t had courage to intervene Baba’s act as he was in total anger with eye red. Who so ever tried to come in between, was pushed away. Soon his anger calmed down and he resumed back to normal. Then he himself got a beautiful embroidered Pheta and tied it on Tatya’s head as if he was honoring him for something.

Everyone was shocked to see this strange behavior and was wondering why he did all that, the ones who knew Baba closely would suffice with the explanation provided here,


Sai Baba’s unusual behavior at times was part of his Sadhna. Or in broader sense one can call it as taking up other’s calamities on himself and absorbing them unto his form. This was out of pure love of Sai for his devotees. At once, one might feel that he did bad behavior and did not suit a Saint to do such things. But, if one looks into the spiritual aspect of this, then it could be easily understood that as water absorbs all the heat and gets hot in order to suppress the fire, similarly Baba used to absorb any calamity on his devotees and take it up all upon himself.

Such was his love for the devotees!


Sometimes Baba was as calm as Ice and sometimes as turbulent as Ocean. But all for love!!!


Bow to Shri Sai – Peace be to all!


Sai Satcharitra Chapter 5

sai sai

The Sai Satcharitra: Simplified!


Chapter 5

This chapter will start with the previous discussion about return of Sai Baba to Shirdi after his first appearance as a young boy of sixteen.


Sai’s Return to Shirdi – Absolutely, The Permanent Stay


Once a man named Chand Patil was returning to his home town in Aurangabad District, Maharashtra, but lost his mare en-route. He searched for it for about two months but got no luck. Disappointed, he put the saddle on his back and started for return journey. Upon walking a couple of miles, he saw a surprising fellow sitting under a mango tree, preparing to smoke chilim (sort of makeshift cigar), wearing a robe, cap and holding a small stick under his armpit (seemed to be a magician). When he saw Chand Patil, he called for him and offered him to take some puffs and rest for a while. Later he asked about the saddle. Then Chand told him about his misery and diligent search for the mare. The fellow asked him to check near the bank of the canal nearby. Chand went up there and got surprised to see the mare there. Suddenly a thought came to his mind that this odd fellow isn’t an ordinary man, but  a great saint.

When he returned to the other fellow, he saw that the chilim was ready to be smoked, but water and fire were required to complete the process. With the blink of an eye, the ‘fakir’ (staunch fellow) dashed his stick forcibly on the ground, out came an ignited piece of coal and on the other hand water started to ooze out. All process set up, fakir smoked the chilim and offered it to Chand who was already wonder stuck and puzzled.

Chand made a request to fakir to accompany him to his home and accept his hospitality. During fakir’s stay at his place, preparations were going on for the wedding of Chand’s nephew and the bride was from Shirdi. Fakir was also invited to the wedding, he went along with them, wedding ceremony happened happily, everyone returned back except the fakir, who remained there, forever…


Once I (author) was going to Sai Baba Temple in my locality. I parked the car, stepped out of it and saw a man dressed up exactly like Sai sitting on the bench. I mentally started to think that how these beggars dress up like Sai to fetch money from devotees coming to visit the temple. While this thought was going on in my mind, I got a feeling, it could be Sai himself waiting to bless me, and when I turned back after convincing myself, poof…there was no one on the bench..that fellow was gone….Till date I feel bad about my ill feelings and I am sure in my heart (at least) that the guy was Sai himself and I misled myself into ill thoughts…I repent that event, I missed the chance…May Sai forgive me for that.

Sai is present in everyone, Sai is the energy, maybe you want to name this energy by any other name, maybe your idol, the form of lord you believe in…but the bottom line is to Believe!

Believe in your instincts, believe in the unseen and have unwavering faith in the merciful Lord who is the super power and the equilibrium of all stable/unstable energies of the world!

You shall find him in any form, any where, any day…May be today…So, Believe!!!


The Name: SAI


When Chand Patil’s marriage party reached Shirdi, they initially rested near a Banyan tree in Bhagat Mhalsapati’s field near Khandoba’s Temple (Village Deity). All the people alighted and while the fakir was getting down, Mhalsapati extended his hand and said “Ya Sai” (welcome Sai), others also addressed him as ‘Sai’. Since then the young fakir became Sai and later, Sai Baba.


Sai Baba & other Saints


When baba started to live in Shirdi, he came in contact with many saints. He liked to talk to them, share experiences and even stayed at their places and vice versa. Many a saints used to frequent Shirdi, one named Gangagir and another named Anandnath (disciple of Akkalkot Maharaj) upon seeing Sai Baba even in his young age testified about him to people of Shirdi, that their Shirdi is blessed to have this gem of gems, a precious jewel. He is no ordinary man and people of Shirdi will realize this in near future.


Sai Baba’s Dress & Daily Routine as Youngster


When Sai Baba was young he had long hair and never used to cut them. He dressed up like an athlete. Daily he went to Rahata (nearby place, around 3 miles from Shirdi) and brought some flowers with them , whom he later cleaned and planted. A man named Vaman Tatya provided him with two earthen pitchers which were used to water the flowers. These pitchers were raw and not baked, thus got broke by evening and next day that guy provided him with two more earthen pitchers. This episode went on for 3 years and with Sai Baba’s untiring efforts, there grew a beautiful flower garden. Presently on this site, stands tall the Samadhi Mandir (Sai Baba’s shrine of worship in Shirdi).

Seems as if all was preplanned by Sai Baba and of course he is the doer, the driving force of all the universe, sure he would have foreseen the future events and till the end of time will keep an eye on his beloved children and their future.

Sometimes a difficult situation seems to be the end of the world but we must keep ‘Shraddha’ & ‘Saburi” (Devotion & Patience) to see what god has availed for us in near future. We as humans only think inside the box or may be outside the box but merciful Sai sees the panorama view of our life, wide and large and knows what is best for us.


The Story of Paduka (Foot Prints) Under the Neem Tree


Assuming, that you will surely visit Shirdi soon, I must tell you that the most talked about Neem tree stands tall right behind the Samadhi Mandir. Also below this tree, you will find holy foot prints of lord are installed. This story is about those foot prints.


Interesting point to note here is that, this neem tree’s leaves are surprisingly sweet and have been blessed by god himself as they have extra ordinary medicinal values. So on your trip to Shirdi, don’t forget to look for fallen tree leaves, if you find one, then eat a portion yourself and divide rest amongst family members. Never try to pluck the leaves directly from the tree.


Once the devotee of Akkalkot Maharaj ( one famous saint) by name Bhai Krishnaji Alibaghkar planned to visit Akkalkot to worship his guru’s padukas (foot prints) but even before he could plan, he got a vision in which Maharaj appeared and told to him that now Shirdi is his resting place and he must go there to take his darshan. Bhai changed his plan as per guru’s instructions, visited Shirdi and became very happy. He got inspired by his vision and planned to install paduka’s in Shirdi which will become a memorial of Sai Baba’s first visit to Shirdi and sitting under the holy neem tree. A plan was made and final corrections were made by Upasani Maharaj of Khandoba Temple. He suggested that a Shloka (verse) shall be inscribed telling the greatness of the Neem tree and Yogi powers of Sai Baba, the verse goes as follows,


“Sada NimbarVrikshasya Mooladhiwasat,

  SudhaSravinam Tiktamapi-Apriyam Tam,

  Tarum Kalpavrikshadhikam Sadhyantam,

  Namameeshwaram Sadgurum  Sai Natham”


Those padukas were then made beautifully out of stone and were blessed by Baba’s touch (Baba said for those padukas, that these are god’s foot prints themselves). Then they were installed on an auspicious day under the neem tree, they are still worshipped by all devotees who visit there. It is believed that lighting up incense sticks brings peace and happiness the person who does it.


Later Bhai asked Baba to go to Akkalkot, then Baba told him, “what’s there in Akkalkot, the Maharaj is here in Shirdi, Myself.” Since then he kept coming back to Shirdi and not to Akkalkot as Shirdi became his Akkalkot. Such is Baba’s wondrous form.


Wrestling with Mohdin Tamboli & Change in Life


For bringing about some changes in life we need an excuse. Like wise Sai got a major shift in life in human form after the event described here.

There was a wrestler in Shirdi whose name was Mohdin Tamboli. He and baba didn’t agree on something someday and picked up a fight, baba got defeated.

Since then, he changed his dress and mode of living (Don’t know why but I think a turning point was required by him to get into action and fulfill his duties in human form as prescribed to him by the supreme lord).

Sai Baba donned a Kafni (long robe), a Langot (waist band) and covered his head with a piece of cloth.

He took a sack cloth for his seat and bed. He felt content in worn out rags and used to say, “Poverty is better than Kingship, far better than Lordship. Lord is always caretaker of the poor”.


Baba did not mix up with people and used to answer if asked by someone. During day, sat under the neem tree and in afternoon used to walk at random, sometimes to Nimgaon. In Nimgaon, he used to visit Balasaheb Dengale. This man’s younger brother had no kid, even after his second marriage. Upon Sai’s darshan and blessing he got a son. Since then Baba started to get famous in lot of places and many people started to visit him. He used to sit in a dilapidated Masjid (Mosque) and slept there too.

Baba’s possessions at that time consisted of a Chilim, tobacco and a tin pot. He wore a cloth on his head whose long edge used to hang like hair along is shoulder via left ear. He wore no sandals and didn’t wash those clothes for weeks. To ward off cold, he used a coupin (waist band cloth) and sat always ear the sacred fire (Dhuni) that he lit in the Masjid. In that Dhuni he offered his egoism, desires and thoughts as offering and had “Allah Maalik (God is the Sole Owner)” on his lips.

Before Baba came to live in this Masjid, he used to live in a place Takia where he used to sing and dance wearing Ghungroo (Dancer’s Jewel wore on legs with small bells inside for music).


Believe it or not – Turning Water Into Oil


Sai Baba was very fond of lights. In those times, the only source of good lighting in a village was oil wick lamps (Diya in Hindi Language). For this purpose, baba used to borrow some oil from the local shopkeepers. Once these Baniyas (Shop Keepers) decided that we will stop giving free oil to Sai Baba. When baba approached them, he got a big NO for oil. Unperturbed, Baba returned to Masjid and picked up the tin pot which had a few drops of oil left (while baba was making arrangements, the Baniyas were hiding in nearby bushes to make fun and to see how dare he light the lamps without oil). With those oil drops, he added some water and drank all of it at once, within few seconds, he spit out all water into the tin pot forcefully. Now he put this liquid into the lamps, lighted them up, wonder of wonders the lamps lit brightly throughout the night. The Baniyas felt ashamed and realized the powers of Sai Baba, that he is no ordinary man, but God Incarnate. They apologized and prostrated in front of Baba, he excused them and asked to be truthful in future.


This and many more stories might seem unbelievable, you might seek a logical or scientific explanations for them. May be you would try to ignore them assuming to be things of fancy and exaggeration of an event, but I would like to realize you that there are still immeasurable things that science has not been able to explain. Reason being that scientific researches are origin of human mind. The human mind thinks finitely when it comes to the cosmic level. We think that we have achieved everything from Science, but there a lot more to go, a lot more to know…To quote an example, we still don’t even know the number of planets in our solar system, never been able to even approach pluto, birth cycle of a baby is such a complex natural process that no science have ever been and never will be able to simulate that!

All this is by the grace of the Supreme Power, the merciful Lord and our Sai Baba is our messenger to god or the navigation light which takes us through the right path and not let us lose our way.


False Guru – Jawahar Ali


Once a saint named Jawar Ali came from Ahmadnagar to stay in Rahata (nearby place to Shirdi) with his disciples. He was a learned man and could repeat the whole Quran (Holy Book of Muslims) with his sweet voice. People started to visit him and with their help he planned to create an Idgah ( A wall for prayer used by Muslims) near a temple. Quarreled by this decision, he was forced to leave Rahata. Later he came to Shirdi and started to live with Sai Baba in Masjid. Soon he started to call Sai as his disciple (chela). Also he told to people that he is Sai Baba’s Guru, to this Sai didn’t react at all and started to behave as his disciple and served the Guru in many ways. Sai baba knew the faults of Guru (Pseudo) but the Guru didn’t recognize the powers of the Disciple. This episode went on for long time and in between this period  he along with Sai went to live in Rahata, but Shirdi people out of Sai’s love went there to call him back. This guy, didn’t acknowledge that and got angry on Shirdi people, later it was decided that both Guru Chela will go and live in Shirdi.

There in Shirdi, was another Gyani (Learned) man named Devidas. He took this Jawahar Ali to task and testified him in public, in which Jawahar Ali failed badly and literally had to run away from Shirdi out of guilt. Stupid fellow was so egoistic, but Devidas’s test shook his ego to pieces.

Twelve years later, he came back to Shirdi and pleaded for forgiveness while prostrating before Sai Baba. Baba, ever merciful, forgave him and treated him with respect.


Here, Baba in his human form, showcased a perfect example of being ‘Egoless’ and ‘Humble’. Egoism is a waste of energy. It must be get rid of. It is evil part of human nature. Baba in many ways always tried to set best practical examples for us (his disciples) to follow in our day to day life. With teachings in these forms, he gives us strength to deal with situations, face consequences of our acts and to take corrective measures for them.

He makes us realize that when no one’s watching, ‘Karma’ is keeping an eye on you and your present is the result of your past actions. It is also stated in the ‘law of attraction’, you bring about what you think about. If you think good thoughts, you receive good state of mind and vice versa.


So better be watchful of your actions today, in order to avoid the heat soon not later!



Bow to Shri Sai – Peace be to all!!!