Rule #1: If you don’t intend to give to the needy…

We all hear all around that we must do charity, we must donate as it gives us immense pleasure and helps mankind. Also we know that it is most pleasing to the lord to feed the needy. My guru, Sri Sai Samarth, always said that this is the most important form of sadhna in this yug. As we are always engaged in worldly activities and thus get less time for yagya and other forms of sadhna to please mighty lord, feeding the poor comes in handy at all times.

You are at a eatery and you see a poor kid watching from outside, go ahead, get him a burger or fries, it won’t cost you a fortune. Believe me. Most eco meals are for 100 bucks. But you cannot measure the amount of happiness you will offer to the kid. Also great points will be added to your karma book which will ofcourse help you in future somehow, you’ll realise that in your ‘not so good’ times.

Try it, you will thank me!

Feed the poor clipart

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The best form of charity is to feed the poor!

Also, agreed upon, at times we get annoyed by beggars and other people. But, we must remember the rule #1 of not giving, do not shout at them, get angrily mad or abuse them. Simply, ignore and take lord’s name to ask for forgiveness (if you feel guilty). This will keep you at peace and will not disgust the other one too. In order to shout out your ego, you might end up adding up points to your bad karma.

Most importantly, I would say that offrring money to the beggers is not at all advisable as if they get free money then they will not intend to do any work ever in life. Better is to get them a food item.

I hope you like the idea and subconsciously will remember it the next time you will tend to ignore a poor guy…

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