Importance of Guru in our Life!

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Importance Of Guru In Life!

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Guru, a teacher, is one of the most important aspects of our lives as in our primitive years they are the only ones who shape up our habits, nature and other worldly things. This tag can be given to anyone who has inspired or effected our life in any way. Our parents are our first and foremost teachers and we often learn a huge deal of things from them. Thus, how our kids will perform in life or what habits they develop, depend on ourselves and the way we treat our children.

Later in life when we grow up and look for peace, we realize that it is of utmost importance to have a guide who can show us the right path to success, or atleast peace. Parents, teachers, professors all are human beings who live in the state of engagement with the worldly things, thus their scope in helping us to find peace is limited as they, themselves might be looking for the same until now. but, if we are the privilaged one, and have the opportunity to get attracted to feet of a Sad Guru, then all our problems can come to an end and we achieve immense amount of spiritual pleasure as it leads us to our final goal, peace in life.

Many a times, we often think what is the need of surrendering to a human being? What is the reason of going under a guru’s shelter?

As my guru is Sai Baba and from his teachings, in the original text, a very interesting discussion has been described about this topic, so a modified extract has been written about it here…

One, Kakasaheb Dixit published his version about this topic. He went to baba to take permission to leave Shirdi.

Baba said.”Yes”.

Then someone asked,”Baba, where to go?”.

Baba: “High up”

Man: “How is the way?”

Baba: “There are many ways leading there; there is one way also from here (Shirdi). The way is difficult. There are tigers and wolves in the jungle on the way”

Kakasaheb: “But baba, what if we take a guide with us?”

Baba: “Then there is no difficulty. The guide will take you straight to your destination, avoiding wolves, tigers and ditches on the way. If there is no guide, there is a danger of your being lost in the jungles or falling into the ditches.”

Life can be compared to such a jungle and if we take some experienced person along with us in this jungle then we will never lose our way and purpose. Also we will always remember the ways of conduct and proper use of resources (our senses) to reach the ultimate destination, that is Satisfaction in life, spiritual self realization and ultimately, Peace!

Yes, it is the only one thing you would want when you realize that all the materialistic things in the world are of no use, even if you are a billionaire and own a fleet of luxury cars, you sleep on bed of gold, still, if your mind and soul look for peace, all the wealth of this world gets wasted.

Guru is the only jewel who can bring peace to your mind, but then there is a price to pay for that. Price is dis-association from the worldly pleasures. When you start to feel that materialistic things are just to assist you in life and not to master you. Like if you own a Mercedes or a Maruti 800 and that doesnt make a difference to you, as both solve the purpose of transporting you from one place to another. Or if you own a Mercedes but you do not have any kind of attachment with it, the feeling of ‘you own it because you can afford it, not because you need it’, then you can attain peace. The prime reason we are not at peace is because if we own a Mercedes then we want to keep upgrading to a better and more luxurious model as it appeals to us and this will lead to agony and frustration many a times.

So setting up goals in life are most important, if you go on without a goal then it will be hard to achieve peace. Even if you are half way to your goal at end of your life, then also you must think that you achieved some milestone as most of people do not even have the courage to pursue their goals. B+ always and happy with what you have.

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