Sai Satcharitra Chapter 8

The Sai Satcharitra: Simplified!

Chapter 8

The Human Birth


To take birth as a human being is believed to be a result of good deeds in the past. We never know about the past, but what we know is that if we all are monitored continually by one detection system, popularly known as “Karma”. It is the most hated monitoring system for some, as it always provides a feedback into your life of the same altitude as of the input fed into it by our actions.

In simpler terms, it means, “What goes around comes back around”.


According to mythology, it is said that God created humans so as to ascertain that there must be some creature who shall be able to appreciate the beautiful universe created by him. All other creatures does not have full power (in this context at least). Some say, ministers of god also feel jealous of humans, as they hold the special power to attain salvation by meditating upon god’s name. Salvation according to mythology or spiritual world, shall mean attaining God Vision, acquiring some vows of god or freeing one’s self from the cycle of life and death.

But for us, the common man, we life our lives, and on daily basis we do certain deeds (good or bad). These deeds are recorded into different registers. At certain intervals, these are calculated, results are as follows,


Good Deeds = Bad Deeds : Happy Person remains Happy

Good Deeds > Bad Deeds : Happy Person becomes  Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

Good Deeds < Bad Deeds : Happy Person becomes Sad Person


These simple equations prove that we ourselves are responsible for our own happiness. For any unwanted situation in life, it is unfair to blame some one else or god, because weather a situation good or bad, it is a result of our past actions.

It is testified in “The Secret -by Rhonda Byrne” too, that what we are today, is the result of our past actions and thoughts. So if we make a shift in our actions and thoughts now, we shall be in control over our future. About the past, it is better to complete the term of punishment (to whatever extent) Karma rewards us with, praying to god and in real time becoming a better person shall be of little help here, as it will ease off the path for us.


For a common man like me, it is simpler to believe that there shall be no separate domains of Haven or Hell, but, they are here in our sphere, and they are experienced in form of Good times and Bad times, depending upon the kind of deeds we did in the past cycle.


Karma, spares none…It is as truthful & real time as the law of attraction or as the Principles explained in the “The Secret – by Rhonda Byrne”.


Also Hemadpant explains like a man cares for his horse during a journey, human body must be taken care of, not to be subjected to things that destroy it, such as too much of alcohol, tobacco or any other forms of substances. Neither one must feel too proud (read ego) for his or her beauty, but shall be thankful to lord for the same. One should make the most of this horse (read human body) and keep it fit and fine by working out at regular intervals, giving proper rest and refraining from unhealthy foods and drinks, and shall constantly strive for good deeds in order to get a better credit score in the house of Karma. Thanking and remembering God always will make your path much more easy, guided & meaningful.

Some day this human body will decay into its origin, viz. the 5 elements, so make the most out of now…That’s what Self realization & attaining God Vision for a common man who lives a socio-economic life in this world!

For the rest,i.e, Saints and Yogis Self Realization and attaining God Vision are subject matters beyond the scope of my understanding, thus, this book.


Worried about your account of Karma???

Well, if you choose to follow the right path (or improve an existing life flow), then half the job is done. As the hardest part of doing something is to prepare your mind to do it. Without mind entering into a particular subject matter, one cannot at all accomplish a task.


There are two kinds of people in the world,

One who learns from his own mistakes and another one who learns from others mistakes and turns out to be a smart winner because he saved on huge amount of time by not making the same mistakes and later realizing and then correcting them. Instead, he learned what not to do and spent his time in useful and mindful thinking to find ways of doing the right things in as many ways possible.

This example of not making the repeated mistakes which already someone has gone through, explains very smartly, the need of a Guru in our lives.

The Guru or a teacher acts as a flow chart to success. They provide us with the paths and also provide us with situations where we have to self assess ourselves and then move towards our goal. This enables us to follow a time tested path to attain the ultimate goal of life. The Guru will take us past the difficult paths, enable us to avoid all the thorns & pits in our way. Sai is one such SadGuru, the one who himself is a Siddha (able soul, undisturbed by worldly pleasures and materialistic objects). He can fulfill our requirement of a smart guide through this dense jungle of life, be it personal, professional or any goal. Sai is sough to be there for us, in return all he wants is our unwavering love and faith.


Sai Baba’s Begging of Food


Like any other Sadhu, Sai too begged for food. This can be easily justified by ancient scriptures (read Vedas) that a Sadhu is a person who has left all worldly objects behind and thus it is the responsibility of the person possessing a family to feed the Sadhu too. On the other hand, Sai did this practice also to keep the spark alive in people of helping and feeding the poor, which is considered as the mightiest form of worship in these modern times. By this act of his, he taught and constantly reminded people of Shirdi their duties towards the society. And Sai himself gets pleased from those who feed the poor whole heartedly.


Baba’s equipment consisted of a tin pot (for receiving liquid food items)  and a rectangular piece of cloth (for receiving solid substances such as bread or chapati). He daily visited certain houses and followed a irregular pattern of begging. Some times he used to take rounds till noon and on other times wrapped up early. All the collected food items were mixed together in a big pot. No point of eating distinguished items as Baba had full control over his senses, thus he had no sense of taste remaining (he was detached from sense objects, thus calm). All items mixed, he used to eat satisfactorily. Interesting thing to know here is that, from Baba’s pot dogs, cats, crow and other animals were freely allowed to eat and Baba never drove them away. Such a beautiful this could be, unlike us he felt equality for all living beings and considered them no different than himself.

This act of Sai was initially considered naïve and some called him a mad fakir. But there were few blessed souls too, who identified him as the real gem, a blessing for the tiny town of Shirdi.


There was a lady named BayejaBai, she was one of such believers who understood that Sai was not a mad fakir as many thought of him at once but was (and is) one with the god himself. She did great penance of going to the woods (jungles), miles after miles in search of Sai (as he used to go there for meditation). She used to hunt down Sai out of no where and later fed him forcibly the food she used to bring for him. This went on for many years until Sai stopped going to the woods and used to have his lunch in the Masjid himself. Her great service was not forgotten by Sai Baba until the time when he left out human form. He gave her the “Nav Vidya” (nine forms of wisdom) in form of 9 coins, minutes before leaving the human form. Also he benefitted her son in all spheres of life. Mother and son duo were very much devoted to Sai Baba.


The Energy Flow Factor


Energy is everything and is the core characteristic of all the particle matter in this world, no matter how big or small the particle is. This was practically observed by Sai Baba, the channelization of energy is very important and that is what used to happen in Masjid in those times. Two lucky fellows Tatya Kote Patil and Bhagat Mhalsapati along with Sai Baba, used to sleep in Masjid in such a way that their head used to be positioned in East, West and North directions respectively and their feet touching each other at the centre.

If one imagine, then it seems to be a Tri-Star channelizing the flow of energy and most probably  I suppose, powers from all three directions, as mentioned, collected at the centre. I really wonder what a beautiful experience that would have been and the benefits of such a geometry that my poor mind cannot think of…

Also resting in this position, they used to chit chat about various topics until midnight or even later. If any one tried to sleep, then other would wake them up. For full 14 years this way Tatya used to sleep with Baba out of his love for him, but later he had to take responsibility of the household matters and thus started to sleep at home.


Bow to Shri Sai – Peace be to all!!!


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