Sai Satcharitra Chapter 7

The Sai Satcharitra: Simplified!

Chapter 7

Sai Baba’s Wonderful Incarnation

Saints have been on Earth since long time, sent by God for the benefit of the mankind. But Sai Baba was no ordinary Saint, he was (and is) God Incarnate. I am not saying this simply out of my faith in Baba or ego against others, but, he had in him this special characteristic which makes you feel this way.

What I feel of Baba, more of a friend who would guide us in good and not so good times and would make his presence felt when you need him the most.

Actually, its about what you feel is what you get (one of Baba’s sayings). I am not saying you compel you to feel the same for him at this point, if you don’t..He is in all beings, all forms of worship, so choose the form you like. It can be Ram, Rahim, Jesus, Buddha or may be the Sun God…But it is here, the power is here in the air…The prayers are answered, the wishes come true, the care is being taken, here and now….Because, we have the lord in ourselves, in the air and all around us…No one ever came back from haven and testified that lord lives there, but yes, it is the matter of experience and faith that its all here…


Lets find out what makes Sai Baba special and wonderful…

Baba knew all ‘Yogic’ practices, was well versed in all six types of Yoga.

Strange but true, if you think he was a hindu, he dressed like muslim. No one ever knew about his religion…for him all religions were one and the derivative cousins from the one supreme power that drives this fabulous creation called ‘Universe’.

Sai Baba was a funny man, no offenses, reason I state this is because he was unpredictable and omnipresent. One moment he is calm and loving like a mother, seconds later one could shiver upon his anger and violent state. Some times he used witty statement and crack jokes on devotees but always pointed to make them a better person by letting them realize importance of letting go ego and worldly treasures, on the other hand he used to give direct suggestions and guidance regarding conduct in life and situations. The moment you think something, he used to understand ( I strongly believe even now also he does when not in human form) and provide you with appropriate answer to clear your doubt. It was like Sai’s Telepathy. And certainly is, even now.


It wasn’t ascertained weather he was hindu or muslim. He used to celebrate festivals like Rama Navmi & Gopal Kala (Krishna’s fest) on the other and he celebrated Id and Sandal procession with equal interest and encouraged both communities to take part in other’s festival as their own. Moharum festival with Tajia procession was of equal importance.

If you call him muslim, he got his ears pierced. If you call him a Hindu, he supported circumcision in muslim tradition.

He lived in a Masjid on the other hand had Dhuni (sacred fire) ever ignited, also grinding of wheat, ringing of bells, water washing of feet. Many things he did were contrary to either religions.


Thus, Sai baba practiced the religion of ‘Humanity’, which is above all religions and feeding the poor was most pleasing to him (not only humans but animals also). He used to say, “consider feeding the hungry as equivalent to feeding me (Sai), no matter even if it’s a dog or an insect.”


Such were his beautiful thoughts and teachings!

He always enacted like just another human being but by his deeds his God hood always reflected. His greatness and uniqueness is like no other. Many saints themselves came to Sai for salvation. He used to laugh, talk and eat with them. He always used to say “Allah Maalik” (God is the sole owner). At times Sai used to get enraged but that was also a blessing in disguise for loving Bhaktas.

Baba also gave job of getting all temples in Shirdi repaired. He used to get numerous amount of cash as dakshina, which he happily distributed among the devotees, some used to get Rs 20, Rs 50 or Rs 15. It was random charity and people felt blessed by getting that treasure (read Money).


Baba  – A Hakim


Baba was also very popular as a Hakim (Doctor) and he willingly treated people with ease and charged only devotion in return. He always longed for love of devotees. He was successful every each and every time. Interesting point to be noted here is that, he never used usual medications, his methods were unique and extra ordinary. In many cases things that could have proved fatal for the patient, upon touch of Baba, became the cure. One such incident has been mentioned below (otherwise there are countless others):

Once a devotee had some severe eye infection and his eye balls became red and swollen. He was taken to Baba. Instead of using any ointment or medicine, Baba crushed some nuts and made two balls out of them. Put them over eyes of the patient and cloth was wrapped over until next morning when the bandage was removed and water was flown in a stream over the eyes. The eyes were found white and clear. Contrarily, on an ordinary event these nut balls could have proved to be too harsh on the sensitive eyes, but they acted as the remedy due to power of Baba.

Sai Baba’s fame spread like fire in the jungle and more and more people came to Shirdi to get his treatment, and went back with happiness and satisfaction as Prasad.


Baba was also a true Yogi (Master of Yoga). He knew and practices all 6 kinds of Yog. He practiced Yoga since childhood and had gained proficiency of highest grade known to man.


Baba’s Merciful Sacrifices for the love of Devotees


Once in the year 1910, around Diwali holidays, Baba was sitting near Dhuni (sacred fire) and was warming himself. Also he was putting logs of wood to fuel it up. All of a sudden it was noticed thatBaba rushed his hand into the fire and it got burned. Shama and Madhva were present that moment and pushed Baba back. Shama asked hastily, “why did you do that Deva?”

Baba upon coming to senses, explained, “At a distant place, blacksmith’s wife was working on the furnace. Her husband called her, to attend to her husband she rushed to other room, but forgot that child was on her waist who fell in the furnace. I put ,my hand in order to save that child. I am glad that child is saved, I don’t mind about my hand being burnt.”

Such a merciful Saint was Sai Baba.


Many of you might not believe this story and would say that its exaggeration. But I would like to take your attention towards the modern subject of Telepathy. One can do any thing by putting mind to use and can reach any place using the power of thoughts. If this is possible for a human being then what is told above is definitely possible for a saint who achieved most of the Sadhna. Sai Baba was omnipresent and this can be understood from this and many more stories to come…


Related instances…


Upon learning about this instance from Shama, Nanasaheb Chandorkar accompanied along with him a famous Doctor Parmanand for Baba’s treatment and speedy recovery from the burn. But Baba assigned (or accepted) this service to Bhagoji Shinde (a  devotee suffering from leprosy who was believed to be a sinner in his past birth, his body was full of pus and smelled bad, but Baba loved him the most). Even upon many requests by Nanasaheb and Doctor, medication or treatment was not permitted. But ofcourse, Doctor had a good fortune off meeting Baba.

Bhagoji Shinde’s treatment included massaging of the burn by Ghee and then applying a leaf over it, on the top came Bandage. This was done by him daily and soon the burn healed up. Every morning this process went upon until Baba’s samadhi (death). Baba actually did not needed this service but out of his devotee’s love he allowed this to go on. Spiritually speaking, Baba allowed him to provide this service so that he may get rid of all his sins and attain salvation soon. He seemed to be unfortunate man outwardly but was the most beloved servant of dear Baba.


Once Mrs Khaparde was staying in Shirdi with her son. Her son got ill and later this illness got converted into severe plague. She got frightened and felt uneasy. She decided to go back home and approached Baba to take permission. Instead of permitting, Baba assured her to stay calm and said, “The sky is beset with clouds, but they will melt and pass off and everything will be smooth and clear”. Saying this, Baba pulled up his robe and showed to everyone present, four egg sized buboes developed on his waist. We can’t assume how much painful it could be, Baba added, “See how much pain I have to suffer for My devotees, their difficulties are mine”.

Upon seeing this, all were convinced that Saints have to tolerate soo much in order to see their devotees happy, and in return they expect no more than their love.


NanaSaheb’s Pandharpur Stay & Surprise visit to Shirdi


Nanasaheb Chandorkar, a great devotee of Sai Baba got a transfer order to his favorite place ‘Pandharpur’ as it was considered Haven on Earth (in those times, especially because it was Home to Lord Vithoba). But his Pandharpur was Shirdi and Sai was his dear lord, so he decided to make a surprise visit to Shirdi before proceeding for Pandharpur. Baba being omni-present knew already about his visit, thus before he could reach the place he asked his fellow people sitting in masjid to sing some Bhajans (Lords Poems). The meaning of the poem was somewhat like,”I have to go to Pandharpur and I have to stay on there, for it is the house of my lord”.


“Shirdi maze Pandharpur Sai Baba-r ma-var, Baba-r ma-var Sai Baba-r ma-var, Shudha Bhakti bhaga, bhaw pundalika zaga, pundalika zaga, bhaw pundalika zaga, Ghanu manhe Baba Sai, bhaw pae maze aayi..paaye maze ayi, bhaw paw maze aai………….”


[Above stanza is an extract from Sai Baba’s Aarti…Its mentioned here, because I love the tune of this Bhajan..Meaning shall be burdened upon the interested readers, to find, and to relate with the text. Got any answers yet??? Please share with us…..]


When Nanasaheb reached Masjid, he worshipped Sai and requested him to accompany to Shirdi and stay there. People sitting nearby told him that request is not necessary as Baba is already in mood for the same. He was moved and amused. Later he went onward journey by taking Baba’s blessings and Udi.



Bow to Shri Sai – Peace Be To All!!!


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