Sai Satcharitra Chapter 4

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The Sai Satcharitra: Simplified!

Chapter 4

According to Bhagwad Gita (Chapter IV, 7-8), Lord Krishna Said, “Whenever there is decay of righteousness and rise of unrighteousness, I manifest myself for the protection of virtuous, the destruction of vicious and the establishment of the righteousness, I manifest myself age after age”.

What has been said here is similar to teachings of most religions world over, because the script writer of this world is one, and he sends his messengers in various forms to benefit the masses and to set guidelines for them to follow. I believe, that’s the purpose of religion.

I am not very experienced about all religions, not a very learned man, but with due guidance from Sai Baba, I understand one thing, that most Gurus (Guru Govind Singh, Prophet Mohammad, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, Lord Krishna, Lord Rama to name a few) manifested miraculously on earth and lived like normal people to set an example for the masses regarding behavior in general life, prayers to merciful lord and to pursue acts of kindness not war. Many traditions or general practices might vary in certain aspects but the ultimate motto remains the same.

In this age of existence came Sai Baba and fulfilled the wishes of Bhaktas (devotees) in human form and promised that his Samadhi will also keep on taking care of the devotees endlessly. Such a miracle of Sai Baba!

Shirdi is a Blessed Holi Place, it lies in Kopargaon taluka, Ahmadnagar district, Maharashtra, India. Due to Sai baba’s advent in Shirdi, it became a place none other can match, and this can be felt only upon visiting it.

Personality of Sai Baba

Sai baba was a very versatile kind of a personality who loved to socialize with all yet remained detached from the world because he was a ‘Siddha’ (attained salvation and inner peace as he was god incarnate). Usually Sai used to be like a very happy go lucky kind of a person who had a witty side too and wherever suited, he used to crack jokes (sometimes targeting certain person) which mostly had hidden meanings or messages. He loved all and felt no difference between the rich and the poor, the learned and the dumb. Out of no where he used to get enraged (angry and violent) and moments later he was found to be soft like wax. Whenever he got enraged, you would find that on that event some thing was warded off as if he used to cure some mishappening or bypass an unfortunate event for the benefit of his beloved devotees. Some times he was found abusing a certain devotee and the next moment loving him like a mother. All these uncertain behavioral changes happened to Sai Baba as he used to see certain things that we never can imagine, things which might be harmful and upon baba’s scolding, those things were avoided.
He used to be at Peace (internally) at all times and was a bank of wisdom. He had no attachment to the materialistic things and always used to concentrate on Self Realization. His heart was crystal clear and his speech always rained nectar.
He liked to smoke chilim (sort of cigar) and also got engaged in worldly events like watching actings and dances of dancers and listen to songs, still he discoursed not even an inch from Mental Equilibrium.
Name of Allah (Lord) was always on his lips and gave credit for everything to the merciful lord, he used to say that lord is the doer, we are mere medium of it.
Sai Baba lived in one place all his lifetime since he came to Shirdi, still he knew all the transactions of the world. Sai Baba used to ascertain the condition of his devotees across the seven seas, he knew about all the places, the timings of trains arrival and departure, though he never travelled to any place apart from couple of places in vicinity of Shirdi. Moreover, as previously told, he is one with us (our innerself), that is why it was no effort for Sai to read our mind and thoughts that prevail in our mind.
Really, Sai is God Incarnate!
He used to tell lot of meaningful stories to his children all day but still on the inside he was ever silent, meek, humble and egoless, pleasing to all.
He acted like a Sadhak (learner) but actually a Siddha (ever knowledgeable).
Blessed is the soil of Shirdi, which grew into such an important holy place and people from various places came to see him and get benefitted by his blessings. Most of them used to become devout to Sai baba all their life with full faith.
Hemadpant beautifully said, “The darshan of Shri Sai was our yoga sadhna, and talk with him removed our sins. Shampooing his legs was our bath in holy river, and drinking holy water of his feet destroyed our desires. To us his command were vedas (sacred teachings) and eating his Udi (sacred ashes) and prasad was all purifying.
He was our Para Bhrahma (Absolute Reality). Sai was and is Existance.Knowledge.Bliss.
Such is our Sai Nath Maharaj!

Shri Sachhidanand Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai!!!

Sai Baba’s First Advent In Shirdi

Sai Baba’s age, place of birth and other whereabouts were known to none. People tried to find out may a times, some even enquired Sai himself but he kept mum. Thus, accurate information in this regard is not available. Many religions have documented the inception of great saints in human form (incarnation) such as merciful Jesus, Lord Rama were born to holy mothers or some other great saints who in their infancy were found to some blessed men on the banks of rivers, Sai manifested himself in Shirdi as a young teenager of around sixteen. He was spotted under the neem tree, meditating day and night without caring about heat or cold, sunlight and darkness. An old lady (then) described Sai as young, fair, smart and very handsome practicing hard penance of Asana. At such an young age, he seemed to be full of knowledge and bliss, had no desires for the worldly objects and associated with none, visited none. His form and features were so endearing to all that they were wonderstruck, that which blessed father’s son he is and where did he come from. It so happened once, that with blessings of Lord Khandoba (Shirdi’s Holy Guardian Angel) they realized that the neem tree is this young man’s Guru Sthan. They dig near the neem tree and found an underground tunnel where some items were found and was ascertained that he practiced Sadhna for 12 years in there. When it was asked to this young guy, he gave a vague answer that it’s his Guru’s Place and is very dear to him and people of Shirdi must guard it well. Sai Baba loved this neem tree a lot.

Sai Baba – A Vitthal Incarnate

It is said that a person named Goulibuva testified that Sai Baba was incarnate of Lord Vitthal (Vithoba).
Goulibuva was aged around 95 years and was a old devotee of Vithoba of Pandhari ( a place in Maharashtra). He used to make trips to Shirdi to see his beloved Sai Baba. Whenever he used to stare at Sai’s beautiful form, he used to say that “He is the Pandharinath, Vithoba Incarnate; the merciful lorf of poor and helpless”.

On another event, Sai baba fulfilled his beloved devotee’s wishes as described in the following story.

Usually Sai Baba himself loved singing Lord’s name and his greatness and also inspired to do so as they will be benefitted. Singing Lord’s name gives us immense positive energy and vibes.
A process of singing God’d name (God’s name can be assumed with reading any holy text) for continues 7 days is known as NamaSaptah (Week long activity for recitation).

Power of Determination and its Practical Application

Once this task was given to one devotee named ‘Das Ganu‘, he agreed but on one term that ‘Vitthal’ (lord) would appear on the 7th day upon completion of Namasaptah. Then baba putting hand on his chest, promised him that the devotee must be earnest and truthful, Vittal would appear.
He also told that all the holy places are here only, lord will not travel from some place to appear. Its just that strong determination and love must be bursting out of the person’s heart, and Vitthal will manifest himself to satisfy devotee’s feelings.
Well, you would be surprised to know the hidden meaning behind the former paragraph. According to the law of attraction, it is a mandate that what ever you want, materialistic or spiritual, you must be determined to achieve it and to have unwavering faith in the fact that you will receive it. Now for this you have to visualize in your mind about what you want, then try to feel how you would feel upon receiving it and keep that good feeling in constant action. Sometimes this is referred to make believe. If someone practices it and learns this art, that is going to be a turning point in his/her life.
In Sai Baba’s promise to Das Ganu this message was encoded which is not only useful in spiritual matters but in materialistic concerns too. Baba wanted that his children must learn about this truth. He wanted to tell that all that you need will not come from outside space, the strength you need, the money, the love, the car, the house, your favorite job, quest for finding god…All is here..around you, in the air, in the sand…Believe in the unseen power of love. Send out that frequency. And your request shall be answered, what you asked for will manifest in front of you. And even if it doesn’t appear sooner, at least it will give you enough positive strength to overcome your fears and to face any challenges, to start a fresh until it manifests!
Believe me its true, I also keep on trying to learn this art and love the feeling it provides, of success, when you are not even half way there…Sure you want to give it a shot???
I will provide you sufficient exercises, guidance and references to understand more about it but for the limitation of this context general explanation is provided. Further explanations shall be provided in latter sections as more stories unfold.

Continuing the story…

So when the Naamsaptah was over, ‘Vitthal’ did appear as promised by Sai Baba in an interesting manner. Probably Sai’s favorite way of sending out messages to devotees (as I feel) is by giving them vision in their dreams.
KakaSaheb dixit was once meditating post bathing and he got to see Vitthal in a vision. Later when he met Sai Baba, he asked him at point blank, “Did Vitthal Patil appeared??”. He got perplexed at this question of baba. On another event in afternoon, a hawker from outside came to Shirdi in order to sell some pictures of god, he had around 25-30 pictures of Vitthal, to add to Kaka’s surprise, these images tallied exactly to what he saw in his morning vision. Then he realized Baba’s words and thanked him in his heart. He bought one copy of the picture and kept it in his shrine of worship.

Another Story of Lord Vitthal

A man named Bhagwantrao Kshirsagar once came to Shirdi to meet Sai baba.
Bhagwantrao’s father was a devotee of Lord Vitthal and he used to go to Pandharpur to pray. Also used to worship and offer ‘Naivedya‘ (offering of food). But post his death, son stopped doing all these things.
When in Shirdi, Sai said to him, “His father was my friend, so I dragged son here. He never offered ‘Naivedya‘, so he starved Vitthal and me. So I brought him here. So I shall protest him now and set him to worship”.

Das Ganu‘s Sacred Bath

Once Das Ganu came to Sai Baba to seek permission to go to Prayag (Hindu holy place where rivers Ganga and Yamuna merge). Sai Baba already told devotees, that everything is here and now, only unwavering faith and devotion is the key to unlock it. Wonders of wonders, when Das Ganu bowed in front of Baba, streams of Ganga and Yamuna out flowed from his both toes, and Das was wonder stuck.
Cant believe it? Well everything is possible, if you believe in this phrase, then surely, you believe in this wonderous Sai leela too…
Its all about the process of visualization. Once you visualize it heart and soul, you send out the frequency of the right wavelenth, which when mates with the frequency of the universe, manifests itself in front of you!
Sai Baba always proved this theory by his leelas!
In other words one can say that this is the trial to explain Baba’s leelas scientifically.

The Three Wadas

Sai Baba’s fame and love made Shirdi a holy place. People in large numbers started coming to Shirdi. In those times there were no Hotels, Motels or home stays in Shirdi.

In those times, a man named Mr Hari Vinayak Sathe, purchased the land opposite to the beloved Neem tree and erected a Wada (a building) and it became the sole resting place for the pilgrims.
A platform was built around the neem tree and a slot was created facing south, devotees could sit facing north (ideal direction for worship according to Science of Vaastu Shastra). This place still exists, should you soon visit Shirdi, you will be happy to see the arrangement as good as in those times and it is believed that one who lightens up incense sticks on Thursday and Friday will be ever happy and content.
Necessary maintenance on this wada is now carried out by Sai Baba Sansthan, Shirdi.

Another wada, Dixit’s wada was constructed by Kakasaheb Dixit who came to Shirdi to meet Sai baba and request him for cure of his leg pain which he got from an accident in England. But upon seeing Baba, he was soo pleased that he wanted to reside in Shirdi, thus Dixit wada happened and other incoming devotees also got the benefit of this. Its foundation was laid on 10.12.1910, on this day aarti in Chawdi also commenced (explained in later chapters). It was completed and inhabitated on Rama Navmi day in 1911 with due rites and formalities.

The third wada, Splendid Mansion was constructed by famous millionaire of Nagpur, Mr Booty. Huge sum of money was spent on this building which was meant to be a Murlidhar Temple (Lord Krishna Temple) and it was well utilized as Sai Baba himself became Murlidhar and his holy body is resting in this wada, now called as ‘Samadhi Mandir’.
In early days there was a garden near this wada which was maintained by Sai Baba himself!

Bow to Shri Sai. Peace be to all!


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