The Story Behind meosuccess

It was born out of a bored creative mind to be honest and lately became more of a mission.. A mission with three different aims. A mission to serve the society by training them for various emergency situations and on the other hand to help them live a meaningful life by following spirituality. Lastly, Marine Blog, which was the first endeavor to help mates in understanding the concepts of Maritime Industry.

meosuccess blog

He is the creator of the blog and the contributor to posts. Sharing his ideas and knowledge with the world is dearest to him.

"The best insurance to whatever you have, is to be grateful towards them!!!"

Safety is the most under-rated topics when it comes to civilians and emergency preparedness is  out of question. We here in our 'Civilian Emergency Preparedness Programme', tend to teach civilians how to react and actions to take during an emergency situation. Thus, enabling the common man to handle conditions when even seconds matter and we cannot afford to wait for the help to arrive. As we say, " In an emergency, help arrives, a little too late..."

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In my endeavor, 'My experiments with spirituality...', I share the jewels of knowledge that are hidden in our Guru, Sai Baba's Biography called 'The Sai Baba Satcharitra". By the grace of the merciful lord, I have re-written many stories and chapters from the original text to make the young generation understand the concepts that were originally told and documented by Sai Baba, which hold true even today and will continue to do so in generations to come...They teach you the way of life so as to avoid addition of sins to your 'Karma Log'.Many other spiritual topics and essential life teachings are covered for the benefit of the masses.

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